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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

tell your god there may be blood

holy smokes. really i have nothing to say because i'm slaving away on my script, so all of my five dollar words have been used and my eyes are rather sore, but this is a sight most definately for sore eyes. kaboomba way to shake the roomba

this and this too.

the spin off will have no proper spelling.

and don't forget to check out the new mr. lif album; buy it from def jux though cause you know, the money will go directly to them as opposed to a bunch of middle men.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

don't feel right

andy dick makes jessica alba feel uncomfortable and awkward and i believe we can all hear the fake laughter from here as well as the expression, "that's really great, andy, but i have to go back on stage."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

dunzo bozo

i honestly don't know where to begin with the two of the biggest of the season's finale last night. one, we all pretty much knew what was going to happen. the other, well, that was a slap in the face.

i'm a fan of "lost" and even though, this past season hasn't been as good as the first season, i still hung around, but the season finale was just terrible. the first 45 minutes was completely boring. well, you know, i'm completely mixed on the episode. there were goods and there were bads, alot of bads. some of the bads outweighing the goods and i say it for simple reason and guess what?


of all the characters that kill off in the finale, they let the worst character on the show, charlie live. you're telling i have to deal with another season of charlie grippling with his herion addiction and singing "y'all everybody" one more fucking time? charlie is the mischa barton of "lost". they've done all that is possible with the character. and claire, they're keeping fucking claire around another season for bits about her baby and what not? come on, they are the worst characters on the show who had nothing to it but boring flashbacks.

losing locke, potentialy eko and desmond: what and why? they were good, solid characters that had interesting backstories. although, it seems as if they're going to bring back desmond because they said why he was kicked out of the army and that'll be the big so called surprise episode, very similar in fashion to the episode to that episode where it was revealed that kate killed her step dad and blah blah.

it was a frustrating two hours of television. and i know that i'm not suppose to trust everything out of the mouth of the golden throat announcer, but dude, promised we'd be blown away by the finale and well, for about 90 minutes of it, i was bored. where were the great reveals? where were the 'holy shit' moments? granted, i did love that one shot of desmond running after clancy brown on the cliffs of the beach cause it felt like something out of planet of the apes and probably did say, 'oh shit' but other than that, i just felt like, oh, i could've been watching "american idol" or finally watching the "24" finale, but i stuck around and just waited.

"lost" is becoming alot like this line homer simpson says on the episode of "the simpsons," when marge starts the pretzel wagon and how homer gets the mob to help out marge's sales and at the end of the episode, there's a full fledge war between fat tony and the yakuza on homer's front lawn and marge forces homer inside and of course, homer doesn't want to go inside because there's a guy who hasn't done anything yet in the fight and that if he leaves, the guy will do something cool. okay, long winded, but think about we can't stop watching "lost" for fear of missing out something great or at least, thats how i feel. no matter how shitty it gets, well, i'm thinking of bailing cause i cant stand another season of charlie and claire, but thats beside the point, well that is point, i can't stand two of the main characters and yet, i still watch each week because i have hope that maybe damon lindelof and his writers will pull out something interesting.

they've created helluva of a back story and lots and lots of iggys outside the show, but they need to focus back in on what the show just dealing with the multiple threads and stories and make things interesting again; no doubt the non stop season will help "lost" stay somewhat consistent as opposed to the two new episodes followed by a month of reruns this last season and there are interesting things happening or at least have the potential to be interesting.

the first season's finale ended with such an emotional bang: walt had been kidnapped by the others and michael was left in the ocean, swayner had been shot; it was great. where as this one didn't have any emotional punch to it. i don't have that emotional connection with jack, kate and swayner to be corcerned as they are left on the dock with the others. obviously, i could care less about charlie and claire finally hooking up. the burning question of is locke dead doesn't burn that much in my heart.

seriously, the lost people should talk to the twin peaks people and the x files people.

this is a mess and one of these days, perhaps i'll rewatch the episode, but the problem is that i was so frustrated by the episode, i instantly deleted it off the dvr.

also, didn't it seem like the camera work was way more shakey than usual?

and as for "american idol," from what i watched of it, i'm seriously surprised that the people who canceled "arrested development," but kept "the war at home," didn't put "puck & pickler" on their summer schedule. didn't they see the comedy goldmine in a dumb southern girl being tricked into eating weird food by a crazy austrian guy and their wacky mispronunciations of words. it's like rush hour meets "iron chef".

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a rogue, a scoundrel, and a charltan

sure, sofia coppola's marie antoinette may be a dull, life less, yet beautfiul mixture of kubrick's barry lyndon and mean girls (which, by the way, is ripping something i wrote off, but now i'm just gonna sasy its a mixture of the previous two with the work of harmony korine; makes no sense, but it seems edgey), but at least, she personally knows max fischer and could probably get steve coogan to leave her outgoing voice mail message as duncan thicket or even paul calf.

and she wears hot shoes to her cannes photocalls, which she probably got for free.

and, she manages to look better than kirsten dunst, but if you're a strickler pickler, you may say its not that hard to look better than kirsten dunst these days. i saw a year ago at a rilo kiley show, ufatufa.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

an open letter to josh schwartz

dear josh schwartz & the writers staff of "the oc",

dudes, its been a while. i haven't watched your show in a couple of months. you know once you guys turned katilin cooper from sassy bad girl into a character that emma roberts would play on a tweencom on nick and then the whole on again off again situation between well, every character and their romantic entanglements just turned me off. it didn't feel as if you guys were moving forward, but just going around in circles. granted television is a medium that allows writers to tell a story as long as they want, of course if there isn't any interference from the network (ask the "twin peaks" folks about that), but every episode should move things forward a bit, even if it's like picking up the smallest piece of trash in a dumpster; gotta push things forward unless its a spec script then for the most part, its a singular story written by somebody whose trying to get a job. you guys just got lost and didn't know what to do.

it seems as if you've lost sight of what made the show good in the first place. well, let's be honest, you pretty much did all you wanted and could do with the characters by the end of the first season. but being a show that only lasts a season doesn't make any money for the network and more importantly, it doesn't bring in any of those lovely syndication dollars. the show had that great blend of drama and humor. teens acted like adults and adults acted like teens. it was fun, but somewhere in the second season when the show became about illegitimate daughters and alcoholism, we being the audience just tuned out. we stuck around, but we weren't happy. well, i can't speak for everybody, but i gave you guys a chance during the third season and well, you lost me.

so, now, you've killed one of your lead characters, marissa cooper and quite frankly, its one of the best things you could've done for the show, but there's still a lot more left to bring the show back in shape.

first and formost, lose "california" by phantom planet as the series' theme song. its what branded the show in the beginning, but now it's what holds you back. granted, its nice to see jason schwartzman receive royalties checks from it, but you guys need to move on and create something new. it was a successful theme song because it branded the show, but at the same time, it didcated what your show had to be about. why not go a few episodes without a theme song for a few episodes and just let the radicial reinvention dictate what the theme song is should be.

also, the musicial supervisor needs to look beyond whatever cool band nic harcourt is playing alot of "morning becomes eclectic" that week. granted there's been some good songs on the show here and there and depending upon one's musicial sensibilites, you're the one to blame/prasie for the success of death cab for cutie, but you know, switch it up a bit. the hipster kids, the scene kids, the indie kids whatever you want to call them or whatever you want to call your characters listen to the hip hop, the rap music or at least the ones in the real world.

there's more to music than just spoon and jeff buckley and i'm not suggesting that we see seth cohen do the young joc dance or see taylor townsend rocking a diplo tee; be nice though. i'm just saying open the musicial horizons a bit more. to me, it'd interesting, since i'm assuming that katlin cooper when season 4 starts is going to be a little messed up in the head or at least going through a bit of a funk or at least it'd seem natural for a character to act that after dealing with a great and such significant loss as losing one's older sibbling, why doesn't she listen to cage or something along those lines. lots of chicks who take their clothes off on websites that never launch are into cage; so why can't katilin cooper be into cage? just imagine the delicious juxaposition between cage's lines about the dreary scenery of new york against the bright, wealthy, and sunny backdrop of hermosa beach, i mean, newport beach.

of course, i'm assuming that it'll be easy to get clearance to use cage's music and what not.

speaking of katilin cooper, is she going to be all about gucci bags and what not? or she going to be wearing a black bandana with the misfits logo on it around her neck with some killer boots? yes, its a show about privileged kids living in a shallow town, but the show needs a rebel figure and well, ryan, even at his most james dean-est couldn't really successfully pull off that rebel vibe. if anything, ryan just made us think why is that guy wearing a leather jacket during the day in southern california? who the heck does he think he is? nick cage in wild at heart? katlin cooper needs to be the new rebelious figure on the show; not some new new kid from the wrong side of the tracks or some cowabunga, dude surfer dude from the wrong side of the tracks. let's think out of the box a bit more and focus in on rich kids who do more than dating the surfing meth dealer guy, but instead of dress up in tight jeans, have ratty, unwashed hair and drink way too much jack daniels. thats another form of rebellion and well, thats a bit more interesting than a guy in tight wife beater.

perhaps, this might make more sense, but probably not because i'm a pretenious windbag, but anyways, you know some rock journalists/historians will tell you that punk rock when it came out in the mid 70s was a reaction to bands like pink floyd and led zepplin with their super long songs and guitar solos and light shows? okay, now apply this to season 4 of "the oc," while bands like led zepplin and pink floyd are great and all, but sometimes, there's nothing quite like the brilliance and burst of energy one gets when listening to "attitude" by the misfits. so what i'm saying is, katilin cooper is an excuse to punk rock up the show.

the show can still have all the little emo pouts sessions and witty pop culture references (yes, i just called just the kettle black) and storylines involving adults that run around in circles, but let's have a character wearing tight jeans and slightly over sized stripped t-shirt with a digital camera in her back pocket.

so, in the fall, on thursday night, i'll be there or at least, my dvr will be there hoping to see katilin cooper muck racking.


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Thursday, May 18, 2006

the skeet on... hot 10 of 2006

following the logic of 'i have an opinion, so everybody else should hear it,' and my fondness for making lists and my overall disagreement with this year's maxim hot 100 list; namely, eva longoria being number one for a second year in a row. 2005, yeah, i'll give it to you because you know "desperate housewives" just first hit the scene and nobody knew about her and it was an startling experince. yet as she became more famous and dated an extremely overrated basketball player, the less hotter she became.

so i present to you without further gérard depardieu, the skeet on... actual top 10 hot ladies out there right now.

1. ginnifer goodwin

2. julissa

3. rich white chicks from sherman oaks

4. nora zehetner

5. rihanna

6. kristen bell

7. adriana lima

8. vanessa minnillo

9. briana hicks

10.the brunettes of g4 tv

*in three years from now, willa holland will be on this list, but not now cause its against the law.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

my favorite stooges song is the titled the exact opposite of this...

adriana lima has the best life humanly possible and she'll do any and everything to rub it in your face.

what kind of ice princess is karolina kurkova?

look at gisele trying way too hard to be captian wacky; everybody can see right through her.

it truly is great to be adriana lima.